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Težok is a macerated, dry white wine made from 100% Pošip grape variety, the most important Dalmatian white grape variety found mostly on the island of Korčula, but in many other wine-growing regions as well. The wine has been macerated for seven days on the skin.

The wine has a deep golden yellow color with the amber hues from maceration. On the nose pronounced intensity. After all, this is a semi-aromatic grape variety. The first nose is fruity, with stone fruit aromas, peach, and nectarines. On a second nose, the Mediterranean floral-herbal character comes through with the notes of jasmine interacting with the notes of fresh oregano and thyme. Citrusy aromas are deeper in the glass, as the notes of orange marmalade and orange zest appear after several swirls.

On the palate, the wine shows medium acidity, medium to full body, very fine tannins, and no alcohol to be detected. A connoisseur of Pošip could recognize the ever so slight, but typical zesty bitterness on the palate as well. The finish is prolonged and very pleasant.

Serve Lacman Pošip slightly chilled, between 9 and 12 degrees. Enjoy it with seafood, especially with firmer fish like scorpionfish, grilled over an open fire, but also with the white fish stews or even the traditional Dalmatian “Bakalar in bianco”, salted cod with potatoes and copious amounts of olive oil.


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