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Rose wine from 100% Plavac mali grapes. It is made in a saignée method of rosé winemaking that involves “bleeding” off a portion of red wine juice after it's been in contact with the skins and seeds. Hence the deeper, fuller color, reminiscent of some Southern Rhone roses. 

The first nose gives a load of fresh strawberries and raspberries, but also that fresh grape, vinous kick. There is a citrus note as well, more of grapefruit than lemon, and then some herbal notes, reminiscent of tarragon. 

On the palate, this is a medium-bodied, but bold rose, with a very firm structure and silky tannins. Acidity is refreshing, but this is not an aperitif wine. This is an invigorating food wine. 

Pair it with shellfish stews, grilled poultry or grilled tuna. Serve it slightly chilled, but not under 9 degrees if you want to experience the entire kaleidoscope of aromas that this wine has to offer.


Discover the soul of natural wines of island Hvar and authentic venues.

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