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Lacman Maraština is a macerated, dry white wine made from 100% Maraština variety grapes, a very common autochthon Dalmatian variety, found in almost all Dalmatian wine-growing regions. The wine has been macerated for seven days with its skin on.

Wine has a pale amber color due to its maceration. On the nose, medium pronounced intensity, with some cooked fruits, quince, and pear, but also floral aromas of orange blossom. 

On the palate, the wine shows medium acidity, and a medium to full body, with elegant tannins reminding you of the days the wine has spent macerating. Alcohol is well balanced and overall, the wine shows great structure.

Serve this wine at temperatures between 12 and 15 degrees. It is perfect for the poultry dishes, especially duck, or grouse if you can find some, but also with the semi-hard cow cheeses, nuts, and dried fruits.


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