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Fresh, dry white wine made from 100% Bogdanuša, an indigenous Dalmatian grape variety, native to Hvar. Bogdanuša means “given by God”. It has been cultivated on the island of Hvar for centuries, if not millennia. 

The nose is clean, not overly pronounced, with citrus aromas of grapefruit leading the way, only to be overtaken by more tree fruit and tropical hints of peach and melon. Keep smelling and you will discover an undertone of fresh herbal notes of basil. 

On the palate, the wine shows refreshing acidity, light to medium body, and no signs of alcohol. It is a perfectly balanced wine, with a citrusy finish that lingers on for a while. 

This crisp and fresh Bogdanuša should be served chilled at 6 to 9 degrees and can be enjoyed as an aperitif on a hot sunny day, but it also works great with summer food. Serve it with marinated anchovies, with a side of fresh Mediterranean salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, and olives.


Discover the soul of natural wines of island Hvar and authentic venues.

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