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Lacman Dama is a macerated dry wine. It is an all-Hvar white, a blend of indigenous varieties Bogdanuša, Maraština, Pošip, and Kuč. Grapes were vinified separately and macerated for seven days before final blending.

The wine has an amber color with orange hues. On the nose, a medium pronounced intensity. The first nose starts with a yeasty, buttery combination, quickly followed by notes of citrus aroma, lime, and lemon zest, which are nicely intertwined with the notes of hay and dry Mediterranean herbs. 

On the palate, a refreshing acidity, medium to full body, hint of alcohol and pleasant tannins from the prolonged skin contact. The finish is of medium intensity and duration, mildly citrusy with some nutty undertones.

Serve this wine between 12 and 15 degrees! Enjoy it with seafood stews, veal baked under the bell with rosemary potatoes, or aged cheese from the Dalmatian hinterland!


Discover the soul of natural wines of island Hvar and authentic venues.

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