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Welcome to the world of natural wines made by the Lacman Family Winery!


The Lacman Family Winery and our newly-created hill-top Terrace and private Gazebo overlooking the sea reflect the timeless energy of our ancestors. At the very place where Hvar mountaineers once lived, in the tiny hamlet of Selca, a young winery has been nurtured.  Here, in simple, beautiful outdoor and indoor spaces, you can experience the full rainbow of island colors–from the wild green splendor of its natural vegetation to the endless beauty of the sea and its archipelago–as you enjoy our natural wines and delicacies.

"We make wine because we care about doing things in an honest way, without compromise. We want people to feel and taste our story with every glass."


Discover the soul of natural wines of island Hvar and authentic venues.


When our carefully selected grapes are ready to harvest only then are Lacman natural wines finished in our winery--beginning with longer macerations, the power of natural yeasts and a minimum of human intervention for maximum quality.  The result is the full beauty, sincere aromas and subtle flavors that lead wine lovers to the very heart of the Hvar terroir experience.


The Lacman Family Winery was created by our family and a team of close associates.

Blessed with the almost mythical terroir of Hvar, immersed in a landscape shaped by nature and the hands of our ancestors, we continue to be guided by these timeless traditions. From the youngest to the oldest all interwoven into a continuing story, like our youngest daughters playful drawings that were the inspiration for the labels on some of our wines. 


As parents, caring for our children and our family also extends to how we care for all of our guests:  from the way you are welcomed, the delicacies we prepare, to what you see and feel and even the music you hear.

"I wanted to create a winery with a family story."

- Ante Lacman


The first man of the winery, Ante Lacman, being island born and raised, has the real nerve of a skilled Mediterranean Host able to interpret with passion and love how Nature, Time and People have combined to create this unique territory of Hvar, where one can grow, care for and work with nature to produce and enjoy its glorious nectar- wine.

Discover the soul of autochthonous varieties from the best Hvar vineyards, preserved by the magic of natural winemaking processes and bottled with love to become a part of a unique tasting experience.

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